DUSTYKID with a Wanderlust

DUSTYKID with a Wanderlust

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 About the artist

Dustykid is a cartoon character created by Hong Kong author and designer Rap Chan in 2012 when he was going through hard times. As he later decided to publish this tiny yet soothing character along with his comforting words, Dustykid soon became the best companion of many people and took up the role to help everyone embrace all the ups and downs in life. 

About the theme

Last year, a wanderlust drove Rap and Dustykid to go on a Europe trip to Poland, Germany, Denmark and Iceland. The latest GINGER X Dustykid cross-over “Dustykid with a Wanderlust” is a depiction of the designer’s gains and thoughts during the journey. Taking a brand-new approach, two of the collection adopt a photo-print of sceneries taken by Rap. Apart from the stunning landscapes and the nerve that arose from a trip, the heart-searching and the memories made with the travel buddy are equally treasurable and irreplaceable.