Gallery Modern Classics by MILTON WONG

 About the artist

Milton Wong, a professional illustrator. His interest lies in figure drawing, 3D trick arts and particularly, portraits. Over the past 25 years, he has collaborated with Louis Vuitton, Walt Disney, Shake Shack, and some other renowned organizations. In 2015, two of his Bruce Lee portraits were sold to Bruce Lee’s Family Company, and he was the only Asian artist who made this achievement. He was also invited by the HK International Airport to hold the Alive Bruce Lee Exhibition in 2016 and it successfully drew worldwide attention with a large 3D art installation.

About the theme

Milton values classic artworks a lot, especially those of impressionism. “Classic” and “modern” are often antonymous on dictionaries, but in Milton’s eyes, they beget each other. By breathing contemporary elements into the masterpieces, new life and vibrancy are also added in. What if people were eating HK Cha Chaan during the last supper? Have you ever seen the Vitruvian Cat? Or the Girl with a Pearl Earring with makeup and filter? GINGER x Milton here presents the art of the dialogue between the past and the present – “Modern Classics”. We look forward to seeing you join in the artistry.