Hong Kong Giant Animal by MAF CHEUNG

The collection started with a casual visit to a local succulent plant shop, where the designer Maf Cheung and her puppy met the cat of the shop owner. The cat's funny expression when it hid under a wooden stool but still snooped around at the strangers made her fall in love with drawing adorable animals. Maf then studied the characteristics of various creatures and their connection with different locations in Hong Kong, together with her own feelings and current affairs, she created this HONG KONG GIANT ANIMAL collection in which humans and animals coexist in those sceneries we are all very familiar with.

Maf Cheung as an illustrator and animator, her works have been frequently selected for different awards in the industry. She also participated in many related projects such as the Hong Kong Society of Illustrators, CG Live x Wacom, and exhibitions in Hong Kong and overseas.