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Ginger culture t-shirt carries the nutrients of local creation and Hong Kong's unique culture, A fashion label that promotes Hong Kong designs and pass on local creativity and the unique culture of our city.

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Way back in 2008, GINGER was established as QOD, a fashion label that promotes Hong Kong designs through wearable T-shirts. QOD was later renamed to GINGER, a symbol of vibrancy, drive and passion in Cantonese culture. In an effort to cultivate local innovation, we collaborate with various Hong Kong designers, exploring and reinventing our collections and product variety each season through dynamic themes. Upon rebranding in 2016, our logo was recreated, reinforcing our ambition to foster and pass on local creativity and the unique culture of our city. Today, we have cooperated with more than 200 local creators, including fashion designers, graphic designers, illustrators, cartoonists, and ad creators.


Our logo is emblematic of our unwavering reverence for local creations; the raindrops represent the overflowing creativity of Hong Kong designers, while the wave stands for the river, which symbolises the cultivating role of GINGER as a reservoir and medium that spreads the cultural knowledge and artistic works.


Timeless and universal, the T-shirt is the backbone of our brand, and each print is applied using advanced techniques specifically tailored to capture the unique style of each designer. By showcasing their designs on the seasonless essential, we strive to bring design art into your daily life while promoting the value of individuality and quality over superficial extravagance.

Responsibly Made

Upholding an ethos of sustainability and a high cost-performance ratio, each and every piece of our garments is produced in our own factory from 100% natural cotton through a meticulous chain of processes to lend you the softest handfeel and impeccable durability. Through 3D construction, our T-shirts are specially crafted to fit our Asian customers with style and comfort.


Langham Place

/Shop 01-05, L10, Langham Place, Mong Kok, Hong Kong



/Shop 106, L1, Metroplaza, Kwai Fong, Hong Kong



/Shop 7T098, L7, Departure Hall, T1,
HK International Airport, Lantau, Hong Kong