Mountains of Hong Kong by TERENCE CHOI

Terence Choi has been a graphic designer for years, he was so bored and turned out to be a freelance illustrator. Soon became a specialist in 3D trick art bringing him cooperation with renowned brands such as BMW, Swatch, K11 and Times Square. With extraordinary imagination and creativity, Terence also developed the unique fantasy style infiltrating a taste of the Classic of Mountains and Seas as well as the Japanese Ukiyo-e art.

Date back in 2016, Terence started the <Mountain of Hong Kong> collection all about his love of our home place and the desire to connect more with the city. He had created more than 20 amazing illustrations for this t-shirt collection, which gained him a lot of admiration from hikers and art lovers.

Here comes the Final Episode, 3 out of the 8 are whole new arts while the others are regenerated from selected past works, not forgetting the most frequently asked Lion Rock - meaning the adventurous, flexible and innovative spirit rooted in the heart of every Hongkonger.