Be a Travelholic by ONNON


 About the artist

ONNON® ("ON and ON") launches original, personalized and comfortable backpacks and other bag products with extraordinary features. One of their establishers was initially a professional photographer and a globe trotter. With enthusiasm in traveling, their latest AIR Collection adopted travel-friendly designs like zipper security and RFID blocking technique, making the products ideal to bring along with you on any trip.

About the theme

To go on the journey of exploration, “GINGER X ONnON Be a Travelholic” sparks off – a series of unique travel-inspired t-shirts in concise and textured prints. From flocking, reflective, luminous to 3D thickness materials, each and every print presents an adventurous and inspiring expedition. If you’re also a travelholic longing for more innovations, don’t miss out on this exclusive collection, in which you might find your perfect remedy!

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