Hong Kong Machines by FELIX IP



About the artist

Felix Ip, Hong Kong illustrator, comic and game artist. Graduated from Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design, majoring in illustration. Former creative director of Imagi Animation and involved in animated features “Father of the Pride” by Dreamworks, “Ninja Turtles” and “Astroboy”. His comic adaptation of the martial art novel “Blood and Steel” has won the 8th Golden Dragon Award Original Animation & Comic Competition (OACC). Felix has also been invited for portrait drawings for “Skyscraper” movie promotion.

About the theme

Grew up among comics, animations and movies, Felix has developed a strong interest in robots and superheroes. For years, Felix has depicted all his favorite characters. His illustrations are of vivid colors and bold yet detailed strokes that give a unique sentiment of both Japanese and Western styles. However, he wanted more, something original. Realizing the objects of local collective memories are fading out in his hometown, Felix then decided to transform the reminiscence of Hong Kong’s down-to-earth elements, such as Ding Ding (Tramways) and Tong Lau (old buildings), into dynamic robot characters which are modernly nostalgic.

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